Stal Hietbrink  has 14 stalls and a few bigger stables for young horses. There is also a saddle room with washing and cleaning stations.


The company has an indoor riding arena, a large outdoor slope, a treadmill and a lunge circle. All this surrounded by more than 8 hectares of pasture. A professional eventing site has been laid on a part of the ground since the beginning of 2011, surrounded by a spacious gallop track of 650 meters.

Due to sufficient pasture, it is possible to put the horses in the field in small groups or separately. Partly because of this, the horses get a lot of exercise, which is indispensable for a healthy horse in all respects.

There is concentrate twice a day and roughage three times a day. This ensures that a horse has something to do continuously, so that peace is maintained and unwanted stable behavior does not occur at Stal Hietbrink.

The area is known for its beautiful nature and this certainly applies to the immediate surroundings of the stable. There are numerous sand roads and the “Rommelgebergte” (a real motocross track) is nearby. Here you can enjoy a relaxed ride outside and of course this is also ideal for condition training.