Hilde van Eerden (24-06-’82) did not contract the horse virus from her parents but from her grandfather. He was known as a stallion owner in Belgian draft horses until the 1970s. After having no horses on the farm for more than 15 years, the first shetland pony came when Hilde turned 5.

She became a member of the Winterswijkse Pony Club and with the Arabian Thoroughbred Andor the first successes in the sport followed. After the dairy farm was closed, Hilde soon rode other people’s ponies and horses and “Hietbrink” boarding customers arrived.

After the Higher Agricultural School and the instructors course, Hilde worked at an animal feed manufacturer and trading stable. In the meantime, she gave many lessons and rode horses in all disciplines. Successes and titles were achieved with various horses, particularly in the (inter) national eventing sport.

In 2008 Hilde started living together with her friend Marco, who besides his own work in metalworking also helps with the company. The parents, other family and friends also helped a lot in setting up the Hietbrink stable. In recent years the company has expanded into a professional horse company with extensive facilities.

Marco and Hilde are now also the proud parents of daughters Nora and Lian.